Take the first step to get tested

Take the first step to get tested for an inherited retinal disease (IRD)

Whether you are thinking of getting tested for the first time or have been tested without a definitive result, now is the time to talk with your healthcare professional (HCP) about identifying the genetic cause of your IRD. As a reminder, genetic testing is important because it can provide information to help you, your family, and your HCP come up with the best plan for managing your IRD.

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Genetic testing options


Ready to ID YOUR IRD®?

Sponsored by Spark Therapeutics, the ID YOUR IRD initiative provides free genetic testing for qualified US residents who may be living with an IRD.

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Connect with the My Retina Tracker® Program

Learn how the Foundation Fighting Blindness partners with Blueprint Genetics and InformedDNA® to provide no-cost genetic testing and genetic counseling to individuals with IRDs and offers a registry to gather community data and move research forward.


Genetic testing is opening more doors for us than ever before. . . . Providing my patients with an exact diagnosis helps them manage their disease and take more control of their future.

– Mathew MacCumber, MD, PhD, ophthalmologist and retina specialist

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Don’t have an HCP to answer your questions or help set up genetic testing for you or a family member?

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